Corporate Packages

Discover a world of tailored training possibilities at Traden.

Take advantage of our hands-on onsite training or opt for convenient electronic learning platforms – either way we have got you covered!

Plus access expert support and resources such as online forums and customer service so that each step in your journey towards professional success is a breeze.

We offer an extensive range of courses from heavy equipment operation to project management – plus access to exclusive resources like webinars, forums and customer support so you can be sure any venture with us is a success.

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  • On-Site Training with experienced trainers providing hands-on training and demonstrations at your company’s construction site/s.
  • Customisable Training Programs tailored to your company’s specific needs and requirements.
  • Certification Programs for various construction skills and trades including heavy equipment operation, safety training and project management.
  • Online Courses and e-learning platforms for convenient, flexible and accessible training.
  • Support and Resources such as online forums, webinars and customer support to ensure your training experience is seamless and successful.


If you’re seeking superior civil construction training, selecting a provider who knows the industry inside and out is essential. Our trainers have extensive real industry knowledge with a proven track record with Tier 1 builders.

Choose Traden to gain invaluable industry knowledge, top-notch training programs, and unbeatable customer support!


  • Customisable Training Packages: companies can choose from pre-existing courses or create their own tailored training programs.
  • Pre-Payment Options: companies can purchase training packages in advance and assign them to employees as needed.

A full catalogue of fully approved and nationally accredited units and courses is available on request.