TRADEN on board HMAS Choules at Garden Island

TRADEN Trade & Construction School students are gaining highly valuable hands-on experience and opportunities thanks to primary supporter Oak Services Group and their strong working relationships with their clients including Atlantic & Peninsula Australia.

One such opportunity is providing effective and reliable solutions on board the Royal Australian Navy’s HMAS Choules.

Over a three year period, a group of young men and women from the TRADEN program have been assisting Oak Services Group and Atlantic & Peninsula with the maintenance program on board and around the dock of HMAS Choules at Sydney’s Garden Island Navy Base.

From site setups, general trades, skilled operators and all all aspects of the maintenance program, TRADEN, through Oak Services Group, has become an essential part of the team aboard HMAS Choules.

“We’re very proud to be actively supporting the TRADEN youth program with genuine hands-on experiences and opportunities that not only make a difference in the lives of the young men and women involved in the TRADEN program, but also make a significant and positive difference for our customers and clients,” says Oak Services Group Managing Director, Glenn Stewart.

“We thank both Atlantic & Peninsula and the Royal Australian Navy for their trust in having both Oak Services Group and TRADEN on board and contributing to the important and essential HMAS Choules maintenance program.”

The video and photos below provide an insight into how TRADEN and Oak Services Group are assisting Atlantic & Peninsula Australia with the HMAS Choules maintenance program.

Commissioned in December 2011, HMAS Choules is an amphibious Bay Class Landing Ship Dock (LSD) ship based on the Royal Schelde Enforcer design. It is a 16,000 tonne ship capable of carrying over 300 troops, 23 Abrams tanks, 150 light trucks, 2 landing craft, and is also capable of operating Navy helicopters including the MH-60R Seahawk and the Australian Army’s S-70A Black Hawk.

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